About Trimfit Bodies

Our reason for being

"We believe in inspiring and empowering all women to look and feel great - enabling them to be the best person they can be. "

We created Trimfit Bodies so we could help all people look and feel great through inspiration and support. We have teamed up with our ambassador Fiona Falkiner and our team of health experts to make sure we have all the answers; what we want is to help people feel happy, healthy, self-confident in their own skin and be the best version of themselves they can be. 

We want Trimfit Bodies to truly make women feel better about themselves: "Healthy is not a size, health is a state of mind and how you feel about yourself."

Hear from the Founders - Rob & Damien:


What we do - The Trimfit Strategy

We provide a 4 pillar strategy to inspire and empower our members to look and feel great…

We designed the 12 week Get Trimfit program with leading dietitians, personal trainers and exercise physiologists for anyone at any level - who wants to develop self confidence, be empowered and feel great. This is done by implementing the following core pillars of Trimfit:  

Nutrition: easy to follow healthy meal plans designed by accredited dieticians - no crash dieting or counting calories

Exercise: different levels of exercise for only 10 minutes a day - no intimidating circuits or gym equipment required

Mindset: key life changing messages from Fiona to keep you on track as well as an online community to share experiences with other members

Supplementation: 100% Australian made, Trimfit branded nutritional supplements - saving you time and money 



Teaming up with Fiona Falkiner

We’re extremely excited also to have teamed up with Fiona Falkiner - who we believe embodies the ethos of the Trimfit Bodies mission - to inspire and motivate people to be happy in their own skin and to be the “Best You”, by developing a healthy relationship with food and fitness.

Having lost 30kgs and now enjoying her life at a healthy weight, Fiona understands the psychology and mindset of how to lose weight and most importantly keep it off with a balanced lifestyle.

We believe this is so valuable to you: someone you can relate to, who has been through the wellness journey you're about to embark on and who understands how to maintain a healthy relationship with food and a healthy balanced lifestyle once all the weight is lost. 




Trimfit BodiesSuccess Stories

The 12-week weight loss strategy really is the all-in-one perfect plan. They have the meal plans covered, the exercise covered, and Trimfit are unique in that they have their own unique supplements that support their programs – I don’t need to go researching and wasting money and trying to find what works and doesn’t work. This is the perfect formula for weight loss."

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Georgia Foran
Georgia Foran