Become a Trimfit Bodies Community Ambassador 

"We believe in inspiring and empowering all women to look and feel great - enabling them to be the best person they can be. "

We created Trimfit Bodies so we could help all people look and feel great through inspiration and support.

How we are doing this is by building small community networks of like minded Trimfit members who have similar goals. We know from our research that if members feel supported during the "tough times", they are more likely to continue through the whole 12 week program and achieve their goals.

So, we're calling on YOU to become a Trimfit Bodies Community Ambassador and help support and inspire your network of friends to make the healthy change. 


Benefits of being a Trimfit Bodies Community Ambassador

 No ambassador joining fee - it won't cost you anything to be an ambassador 

 Pay once and get unlimited access to the program for as long as you are a Community Ambassador (no 12 week limit!)

 Additional discount on all TFB proteins and fat burners

 $50 rebate/commission (25%) rewarded for every member you sign up to your community (this will be through landing pages and promo codes)

 5% rebate/commission rewarded for all member sales on Trimfit Shakes and Trim Xtreme

 Annual meeting with all the Trimfit Crew and Fiona 

What you need to do as a Community Ambassador


 Simply build your own community of Trimfit Bodies members through your Instagram, Facebook, website or blog, closed Facebook groups or school communities or create your own Trimfit health night at home

 Repost or share the Trimfit blogs, posts images or create your own following the Trimfit guideline

 Trimfit will keep you up to date with all of our new content and news about Fiona


How does it work?

 We will create your own personal landing page within the Trimfit Bodies website and your personal promo code

 This allows us to track all sales back to you which generates your rebate/commission

 We also create cookies which are personal to you

 If someone signs up and pays the $200 upfront - you receive your $50 rebate/commission in the next monthly payment cycle

 If someone signs up and pays weekly - you receive your $50 rebate/commission at the end of the new members 12 week membership

 You are rewarded for ongoing sales from that member (i.e. if they buy Trimfit products)

How do I become a Trimfit Bodies Community Ambassador 

 Simply fill in the form below with your details

 We will contact you by phone or email (your choice) to chat through the process and any ideas you may have

Trimfit BodiesSuccess Stories

The 12-week weight loss strategy really is the all-in-one perfect plan. They have the meal plans covered, the exercise covered, and Trimfit are unique in that they have their own unique supplements that support their programs – I don’t need to go researching and wasting money and trying to find what works and doesn’t work. This is the perfect formula for weight loss."

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Georgia Foran
Georgia Foran