My Guide To Building Your Self-Confidence

The journey toward self-confidence is a commitment and it is frankly a commitment I struggled with when I first began on my path to wellness ten years ago. Read More

- 30 Sep 2016 -

Morning Breakfast Shake on the run

Following a healthy meal plan can sometimes be tough when you're so busy with work, or the kids, or running errands. I love to experiment in the kitchen and whip up some... Read More

- 14 Jul 2016 -

5 Things That Could Be Holding You Back From Success

Whether it's sticking to a weight loss program, success in your career, or being the best version of yourself, there's always going to be certain roadblocks ... Read More

- 12 Jul 2016 -

Why Eating Healthy Is Good For Your State Of Mind

My mantra has become that “healthy is a state of mind”. In order to be healthy, you must think healthily and integrate this thinking in all areas of your life – the... Read More

- 12 Jul 2016 -

My 6 Tips To Remove Stress From Your Life

In this day and age, life can get so stressful… stress and anxiety can get the better of you. I know it does for me, so I have some key things which ... Read More

- 06 Jul 2016 -

My 6 Secrets to Staying Motivated

Getting in shape, feeling the best you've every felt, achieving those things that are important to you... they all require you to stay motivated and inspired. One question I always get asked... Read More

- 06 Jul 2016 -

My 6 Tips To Sticking to a Weight Loss Strategy

One of the questions I get asked often is what's the best way to stick to a weight loss strategy or how to stick to a healthy meal plan. I'd be the first ... Read More

- 05 Jul 2016 -

My Top 6 Secrets To Achieving Your Goals This Year

As another year has wrapped up, and 2016 begins, it's important to have clarity and some focus on what you want to achieve 12 months from now. It's important to look back... Read More

- 03 Jul 2016 -

Fiona Falkiner: Maxim Australia Cover and Interview

“While some models shy away form the plus-size tag, Australian beauty and TBL Families Host, Fiona Falkiner, embraces it. She’s worked in London and New York, is the face of several local... Read More

- 02 Jul 2016 -

Fiona In The Glow - Health

“Sometimes you need to ‘decide’ to be happy.” Fiona Falkiner introduces new 12-week health program. Read More

- 02 Jul 2016 -
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Now, after completing two 5-week challenge cycles, I went and had a body scan done have lost 10.6kg. Even better, I’ve lost 13% body fat and overall 39cm off my hips, waist, bust and stomach - which you can see in the before and after photos. I feel great!! I’ve gone from size 16 to size 12 and haven't been happier.

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Karina Tansley
Karina Tansley