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  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes from our 12 week program
  • Ingredients, cooking instructions, and nutritional contents for all meals 
  • One 10 minute exercise circuit and video from Trimfit PT Anthony and Fiona
  • One mindset video from Fiona, talking about your self-confidence
  • PLUS, join today and you'll get a free membership to give to a friend to start with you immediately! 

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Watch Fiona's quick 3 minute video explaining the key elements of the Get Trimfit 12 week Weight Loss Strategy. It's easy to do, easy to follow and easy to succeed, following the four key elements: Nutrition, Exercise, Mindset & Supplementation. 



Trimfit offers you something no other program can

What sets Trimfit Bodies apart from any other program is what we have learnt from Fiona. Fiona has been through the journey you're about to embark on, and she can share with you the mindset secrets to keep you on track and ultimately acheive results. You'll get access to all of Fiona's mindset videos to stay motivated and inspired throughout your own journey. What you get with membership to Team Trimfit is access to our 4 key pillars of health:


Access to the simple 12 week Weight Loss Strategy and bonus 12 week Lifestyle Maintenance Program (24 weeks access). Includes all the custom meal plans, vegetarian options, shopping lists, weekly planners and hundreds of recipes.



Different levels of the "do it yourself at home" 10 min exercise circuits with complete "how to" video demos with Fiona and Anthony, the Trimfit PT. From beginner to advanced, there's an easy to do circuit for everyone.  



We've learnt from Fiona the key messages you need to know from someone that has been through the journey you're about to embark on. You'll receive mindset videos via email every 2 weeks with key life changing messages from Fiona. 



Trimfit branded healthy shakes and fat burner supplements As a member, you'll receive membership pricing on all the Trimfit supplements (up to 20% off all products).


What our members say

Our members are achieving phenomenal results as soon as they start the program. Most of them are getting results in their first week! 

 Joanne lost 2kgs in her first week on the program...


 Lauren has developed more energy and felt fitter each day...


 Amy is developing self confidence having lost CMs off her waist, hips and thighs...


 How awesome are these results from Vicki - losing 9.2kg in her first 3 weeks on the program...



You too can achieve results like these - try a day on Trimfit for free by entering your details below and you'll receive

  A meal plan with 3 balanced meals and 2 snacks

  Ingredients, cooking instructions, and nutritional contents for all meals 

  One 10 minute exercise circuit from Trimfit Trainer Anthony

   A video of the complete circuit with Fiona & Anthony giving step-by-step instructions


Trimfit BodiesSuccess Stories

Working a demanding corporate job, I was always too busy to focus on my health properly. It was always in the back of my mind, and I knew I had to do something about it. The Trimfit 12 week weight loss strategy worked well for me: the shakes were convenient between meetings and kept the hunger cravings away, whilst the high protein, high fat meals kept me feeling fuller and energised for longer.

Irene Matakakis
Irene Matakakis