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    All Day Shake

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    “Great natural tasting, satisfying protein shake keeping you fuller for longer throughout your day”

    Key Benefits of All Day Shake

    Feel fuller and satisfied for up to 7 hours

    Perfect breakfast or before bed shake to curb cravings

    Perfect for long periods between solid meals

    Suppresses appetite and aids in weight loss

    Great natural flavor

    Pure 100% Micellar Casein


    Trimfit All Day Shake is a superior everyday casein-protein supplement for people wanting to reduce body-fat while reaping all the benefits of a protein without the additional carbs picked up in regular “in-between” meal shakes or “meal replacement” shakes.

    All Day Shake is a guilt free, ultra low fat, great tasting, high protein shake made from 100% pure undenatured micellar casein. The high-grade micellar protein is slowly digested, providing sustained protein nutrition to keep you feeling fuller for longer.


    Slow digesting protein to keep you satisfied for longer

    The micellar casein in All Day Shake forms micelles once consumed. These micelles take a long time to digest (up to 7 hours) – this is the basis for why All Day Shake has a slow rate of digestion, and results in a slow but steady release of amino acids into circulation. Because the digestion is slower, it means that you feel fuller and don’t go hungry, preventing you from snacking on unhealthy alternatives. 

    This makes All Day Shake the ideal shake to take when going to bed, or when you know you will be going prolonged period without the opportunity to eat and refuel.

    Perfect post workout and nighttime supplement

    During and after intense exercise, micellar casein will help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue as consumption results in a prolonged period of elevated amino acids (up to 7 hours) in the blood stream. This allows the body to repair and build muscle tissue after exercise.


    All Day Shake is a rich source of BCAAs and Glutamine

    Glutamine is an essential amino acid, which prevents your muscle from being catabolized (eaten up) when losing body fat and is essential in maintaining intestinal function.

    Leucine helps to maintain muscle tissue, supplies energy to the body even when under the stress of physical activity and preserves muscle glycogen used for muscle contraction. 

    Isoleucine helps boost energy and helps the body recover from training or physical activity.

    Valine has a stimulating effect and is needed for muscle repair and muscle tissue growth.


    Gluten Free and less than 2% Lactose

    Trimfit only uses high-grade pure whey protein – so it’s free from ingredients (such as milk by-products) that tend to disrupt intestinal health and interfere with protein absorption. Trimfit protein shakes are perfect for coeliacs and people with wheat allergies and lactose intolerance.


    Sweetened with Sucralose

    Sucralose is used in Trimfit Shakes because it is a “no-calorie sweetener”, does not promote dental cavities, is as safe for consumption by diabetics as non-diabetics and does not affect insulin levels.


    How to take All Day Shake

    Mix 1 heaped scoop (40g) with 200-300ml of cold water in a shaker or blender. You can adjust the amount of water to achieve the desired consistency and flavor.

    For best results, All Day Shake should be taken when frequent meals aren’t possible. All Day Shake is well suited to first thing in the morning as a breakfast alternative to keep you fuller during the day, or suited to nighttime, before sleeping. 

    Ingredients: 100% micellar casein, flavouring, sucralose 


    All Day Shake - Choc-Hazelnut Swirl

    Key Benefits of All Day Shake
    • Pure 100% Micellar Casein Shake - 24.75g protein per serve
    • 0.48g fat, 1.74g carbs
    • Feel fuller and satisfied for longer
    • Gluten free and less than 2% lactose
    • Perfect breakfast or before bed shake to curb cravings
    • Perfect for long periods between solid meals
    • Suppresses appetite and aids in weight loss
    • Great natural tasting flavours
    40g serving (1 heaped scoop)    
    Component Amount per serve Amount per 100g
    Calories 112 276
    Protein 24.75g 82.5g
    Fat - Total
    Carbohydrates - Total
    Sodium 43.2mg 144mg
    L-Glutamine 5g 12.5g
    BCAAs 5g 12.5g

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Trimfit BodiesSuccess Stories

The 12-week weight loss strategy really is the all-in-one perfect plan. They have the meal plans covered, the exercise covered, and Trimfit are unique in that they have their own unique supplements that support their programs – I don’t need to go researching and wasting money and trying to find what works and doesn’t work. This is the perfect formula for weight loss."

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Georgia Foran