The Get Trimfit Lifestyle Program The program is founded upon four key health pillars to help you continue your weight loss and fitness goals:

Food and Nutrition

1. Nutrition

Excercise and Fitness

2. Exercise

Healthy Mindset

3. Mindset

Healthy Supplements

4. Supplementation



The Get Trimfit Lifestyle Program answers the questions of “what’s next” after you have achieved your goal weight after completing the 12-week Weight Loss Strategy. The Lifestyle Program is about taking a big picture look at your nutrition. It is an easy to follow program that educates you how to incorporate a balance of all the core food groups in the right proportions. The plan is flexible, allowing you to suit your individual nutrition needs, yet still enjoy food!

The Lifestyle Program is designed to run over another 12 weeks after you've completed your round of the 12-week Weight Loss Strategy, to enable you to adjust to your new weight and learn how to eat and live “normally” following some basic serving guidelines. 


STEP 1: Nutrition - Choose a Meal Plan

There are two meal plans for both women and men based on age group, 18-50 and 50+. We have provided several options for each meal plan so you have plenty of variety. You stick to the Lifestyle Program Meal Plans for a 12-week period

This is all about providing you variety in your diet, whilst maintaining your lower weight.  

 Foods are grouped according to their nutrient profiles and the serving sizes are calculated from the number of calories each food contains.

 This plan shows you how to achieve the recommended number of serves for your body per day.

 You are provided with food and serving tables so that you can easily meet your daily requirements of macro nutrients (protein, fats and carbs).

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Step 2: Exercise - Choose which level of exercise

Continuing exercise on the Lifestyle Program is very important. You're encouraged to continue with one of the four different levels of exercise: Start Up, Shape Up, Strive Up or the Gym Circuits, depending on how far you've progressed through the stages during the 12-week Weight Loss Strategy. You simply stick to the same positive daily habits you develop on the 12-week program; exercising for roughly 10 mins or more per day by completing one or more of the circuits.  

1Start up

The first level, Start Up, is tailored to you if you haven’t exercised for a while or are not in especially good shape right now. It’s all about making a start – so this level is all about completing 10,000 steps per day. 

2Shape up

Shape Up is perfect for those that are already in reasonable shape, want a bit more of a challenge, or want to drop the weight faster. Shape Up is about introducing you to basic interval style exercises with easy, 10 minute "do it yourself at home" circuits.   

3Strive up

Strive Up is perfect for you if you’re already quite fit, and want to look for that next challenge to get toned and lose that last bit of body fat. This level is all about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These are challenging, "do it yourself at home" 10 minute circuits which are sure to get the heart pumping.  

4Gym Circuits

Once you excelled at the three levels of Get Trimfit exercise, it may be advised that you look into joining your local gym or reach out to a Personal Trainer to help you reach new levels of health and fitness. In the exercise section you will find gym circuits for both males and females. 


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Step 3: Mindset - keeping the weight off 

Keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it is one of the most challenging parts of any weight loss journey. Most of it comes down to having developed the right positive habits which become a lifestyle: eating healthy, a routine of exercise, daily positive affirmations, engaging with the right form of supplementation.

Fiona's Lifestyle Mindset Messages  

 Fiona has been able to maintain a healthy weight after her own weight loss journey - so she will continue to motivate and inspire you with life lessons and messages about how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

 Access to understanding the psychology and mindset to keeping the weight off.

 You’ll also continue getting weekly tips as well as bonus videos and material via email: Life-changing mindset messages and lessons, support from Fiona and her experts and learn how to keep weight off by using the Lifestyle Maintenance Program.

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Step 4: Supplementation - Choose Trimfit Shakes for Convenience

The Trimfit Supplements are completely optional and are not a requirement for signing up the program. Our dietitians' focus at Trimfit is always whole foods and balanced meals. However, throughout the 12 weeks of this program, the Trimfit Shakes can be used:

 Provide a convenient snack option in between meals if you find it difficult to have a proper whole food snack (as outlined in the meal plans)

 The snacks and shakes aid in suppressing your hunger cravings and keep your metabolism burning.

 Supplements contain powerful thermogenic blends which help accelerate fat loss.

 The meal plans clearly outline when you should be having the shakes as a healthy snack. 


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 Once you finish your 12 week weight loss program, you can join again and get complete access to the Trimfit Lifestyle Program. 

 We've got you covered with 200+ recipes, portion sizes and the right balance of nutrients, so you don't need to count your calories. Complete vegetarian meal plans also available. 

 Save money and time with our Trimfit Shopping Lists and Weekly Planners customised for each meal plan

 Access to the different levels of exercises: this includes access to all the "how to" video demonstrations, exercise explanations and hints & tips to getting fit efficiently and effectively

 Continue to enjoy member pricing (20% discount) on all Trimfit supplements for the duration of your membership

 Exclusive access to the Team Trimfit Community group - where you can connect with your teammates, get tips and advice from members and health experts and share your experiences. 

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I decided to join Trimfit Bodies as I wanted to shake up my regime, tackle those extra kilos and have a positive plan of action after giving birth to my second child. Following the Trimfit web based plan took the stress out of meal planning and exercise.

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Rebecca Brooks